About Us

The history of the DIT Caving Club dates back to October 1992 when it was originally founded as the Kevin Street Caving Club. Back then there was competing caving clubs in different DIT colleges, with Auinger Street and Bolton Street having caving groups. Eventually they were all amalgamated under the DIT Caving Club name.

Today the DIT Caving Club is a thriving and friendly club that undertakes 6-7 club trips a year, often with a trip to the caving regions of UK thrown in. There is an annual canyoning trip to mainland Europe in the Summer, usually to the Alps or Pyrenees. Our caving trips usually happen in the Clare and Cavan/Fermanagh regions of Ireland, though we have been known to stage trips to Tipperary, Cork and Waterford.

The People Behind The Club:

The caving club is run by a small number of it's members that sit on the committee. The committee meet once a month to organise new trips and events.