The Ammo Box

A treasure trove of DIT lore and worthless information that would not be accepted elsewhere. 


The Ammo Box - By John Kavanagh Sr. An impassioned defence of the ammo box - ex-army bullet containers lovingly banged       about the place by generations of cavers. Now more often found storing the DIT club cobwebs. 

Petie's Highly Scientific Cave Comparison Matrix - Not sure what cave to do? Let Petie's Highly Scientific Cave Comparison Matrix decide for you!

Dancing Steve - Young and sweet! Only seventeen!

Inside the mind of El Presidente ... lies el presidente pequeno. And inside that...

Forum 2011 Guide and Poster - A booklet produced by DIT for the 2011 Irish Student Caving Forum

The DITCC Web archive - Thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine, the old versions of the DITCC website have been preserved for future generations. 

Trip reports from yesteryear - These come from so far back that the type of english that they used back then is now almost unintelligible to modern ears. They didn't have words like lol or rofl to communicate the complex emotions we now experience. However with a bit of luck and patience you may be able to decipher what they mean.

A chronology of conviviality - A list of the pubs that DITCC have called their own

Mascots - The club's mascots from 1178 to the present day

Le Modes Speleology - Becks Kelly outlines the five goals of caving