Over the years DITCC has had a number of mascots. Well, two to be precise. No-one loves the badger. 



The mascot of past generations is Wilfrit. Extant since some time in the mid-90's he failed to stake a claim on the hearts and minds of DIT cavers from the mid-00's onwards. Wilfrit occasionally sees daylight, embroidered on the front of cotton t-shirts with titles like 'Irish Student Caving Forum 1974'  and 'Ye Hibernian Speleological Colloquium 1837', proudly borne by the older members of the club. Wilfrit had his own page on the DITCC website (see the web archive) where he provided nuggets of gossip and saucy talk. 

Wilfrit also came in a 2D variant. The 3D version of Wilfrit actually pre-dates the 2D version by almost a decade, and was probably painstakingly rendered over the course of many months with the most powerful computer them available to a DIT caver. 



Created to counter a need for a snazzy 21st century mascot for the club, Speleobear burst onto the caving mascot scene in 2010. Spelobear is deranged psychopath, killing anyone or anything that prevents him from caving, but what a character! We love that crazy bear! All similarities to Pedobear are entirely coincidental. 


Logo of the Unknown Badger

Where does the badger come from? Nobody knows. What is his quest? We do not know. What is his name? Unknown, perhaps he knows not himself. This badger is as much a mystery as the location of Atlantis, the identity of the Rubberbandits, or Adam Sandler's career. What secret does he hold behind his eyes, what riches have his paws held? His intent gaze evades us, and looks beyond to the horizon, to the infinite possibilities of the future.