Welcome To DIT Caving Club


What's through there? That's something you might ponder as you lean against the rusty handrail at the end of the tour in one of Ireland's show caves. Some just want to tip their guide and get the hell out into the sunlight. Cavers want to gear up and take a look themselves.

For a small club, we're very active. Training for rope access to vertical caves, as well as a long-running social night happen every week. We will take you on weekend trips to Ireland's caving regions every month during the academic year, and during the summer we travel abroad for caving and canyoning.

Caving is a hearty physical challenge, and sometimes a test of nerve. Watch the walls rise around you as you descend into a deep pot. Wriggle through a squeeze. Splash along a streamway. Be somewhere very few people have been before – maybe somewhere nobody has been before.

As with any student club, caving trips are a social event. You'll meet cavers from all over DIT and from all over Ireland. Craic is guaranteed. Of course, until you've been locked into a rural pub, you don't know the meaning of the word.

Our door is always open. Don't know a speleotherm from a static rope? It's cool; we were all new once. Haven't been to a single training session? Not a problem, any member of the club can attend any club trip. No gear? No worries! There's plenty of club kit to go around.

Caves are some of the last unknown places on Earth. Exploration and discovery didn't end with Magellan, or Scott, or Tenzing and Hillary. DIT Caving Club members are actively hunting – and finding, and surveying – new caves and passages in Ireland right now.

You could tip the guide and stay above ground, but where's the fun in that? Take a step off the concreted path. Come exploring with us!

Club Trips Officer

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