DITCC web archive

This is an archive of the old websites of the club. Way back in 1997 Dave Hickey spent several weeks in front of a flickering screen writing HTML code, wondering if Netscape Navigator would display it properly.  Nowadays making websites is easy - Stephen Brandon cranked this one out on his phone in less than 20 minutes while stuck in traffic*. 


Website Mark 1  (1997) - A classy effort in black with red highlights. A 3d Wilfrid the Worm adds great depth to an otherwise flat composition.  For the proper retro experience try viewing this on a large beige monitor and using a mouse with a ball that endlessly jams with bits of dirt off the table.


Website Mark 2 (2002) - A redesign of the website brings DITCC into the 21st century, in virginal white with blue trim. Some photos show baby-faced cavers who have jet to become jaded by the uncompromising cynicism of advanced years. 


Website Mark 3 (2005) - Alteration of the Mark 2 website with the replacement of 3D Wilfrit with a less dynamic 2D one. Also HTML tables are in in 2005! 


Website Mark 4 (2009) - The wikispaces page. Now a sad, unused piece of cyberspace. 


Website Mark 5 (2012) - This website!  



Use the Wayback Machine yourself! Follow Dave's simple instructions;


You need to take this sad old defunct link: http://clubsoc.dit.ie/caving/
And take it to the wayback machine at this link: http://archive.org/web/web.php
Insert website A into website B and hey presto, you will have several days on which that part of the internet was backed up. You'll have to click into a couple of versions of it to recover the maximum amount of data.




*may have taken considerably longer.